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Seed & Trait Management

FCA partners with Croplan Genetics, Mycogen, LG Seeds, Northrup King and Stine for a complete selection of genetically enhanced seed products designed to fit each of your fields. We offer the latest in smart stack corn genetics with trait-based resistance to corn borer and rootworm as well as the glyphosate and Liberty herbicide families.

In soybeans we offer Liberty, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend and Round Up 2 resistance varietys. We also offer Optimize Soybean Innoculent.

Our trained agronomists can now match varieties to your farm’s particular cultural practices and crop protection requirements. FCA also offers fungicide and inoculant seed treatments.

Optimize Soybean Inoculant

Optimize® XC microbial seed treatment is a dual-action, retailer-applied product that helps give soybeans a healthy start. It can help increase nitrogen fixation, ultimately helping maximize yield potential, thanks to a specially selected Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant along with the proven LCO (lipo-chitooligosaccharides) molecule.

This new, extra-concentrated formulation from Monsanto BioAg delivers breakthrough performance with the industry’s lowest application rate* for multi-action inoculants: 1.5 fluid ounces per 100 lbs. of seed.


  • More space on your seed for additional seed treatments.
  • Greater opportunity for the development of nitrogen-fixing nodules.
  • Increased nitrogen fixation through nodule formation.
  • Enhanced nutrient capability, which supports root and shoot growth.
  • 120 days on-seed life (with many seed treatments).

Vault Soybean Inoculant

New bio-based, growth-promoter technology with ultra-low application rate! New VAULT® HP is the first in a planned new line of performance-boosting seed-enhancement systems from Becker Underwood. It’s a bio-based, multicomponent, growth-promoter system combining:The latest patented, growth-promoter technology

  • New patent-pending formulation of nitrogen fixing rhizobia
  • The lowest application rate … just 2.0 fl. oz. /CWT of seed!
  • Exclusive specially designed packaging technology to help ensure an industry-leading on-seed survival of all system components

Integral® biofungicide to help suppress diseases such as fusarium and rhizoctonia for better plant health.  The ultra-low VAULT HP application rate of just 2.0 fl. oz./CWT means less hassle for you when applying any other coatings, polymers, insecticides, fungicides or required system treatments to the seed.*

Patented growth-promoter technology
The VAULT HP high performance multi-component system includes a patented bio-active ingredient that stimulates a growth-enhancing influence on the soybean plant. In field tests, retailers and growers have reported that soybeans treated with VAULT HP technology have exhibited:

  • Faster emergence and plant growth
  • More vigorous root structure
  • More, and healthier, nitrogen-fixing root nodules per plant
  • Greener, healthier plant foliage and faster canopy closure
  • More pods per plant

Croplan Genetics

Croplan obtains their seed from several sources of top seed genetics. FCA agronomists use the pedigree of each Croplan hybrid and variety to place the right seed on the right acre to give you the best possible results.


Science. Yield. Success. Mycogen is a leader in delivering innovation. They offer top performing genetics with revolutionary yield protection like SmartStax®. Backed by a global leader in the seed industry—Dow AgroSciences—Mycogen products are designed to increase your profitability and productivity.

LG Seeds

LG Seeds is part of AgReliant Genetics, LLC—one of the largest independent, seed-only organizations in the United States. That independence means access to the best traits and germplasm in the industry. When it comes to seed, you need top-notch, leading genetics and plenty of choices. LG Seeds has access to one of the largest research programs in the world, and we use those resources to deliver an extensive line-up of hybrids and varieties, all bred for yield and overall performance. Plus, you get the flexibility to choose from the latest seed treatments, insect protection and weed control traits to help you develop a program that works best for you and your fields

NK Seeds

All NK Seed is backed by Syngenta, a company that invests $2.6 million each day in seed research. Because NK Seeds uses its own genetic lines to breed new corn hybrids and soybean varieties, planting NK increases genetic diversity and reduces risk on your farm—all while delivering top yields.

Millborn Seeds

Wildlife habitat. Livestock forage. Sports fields. Beautiful lawns. Whatever your project vision, FCA has a wide variety of Millborn Seeds to make it a lush reality.

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