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Two Numbers to Rule Them All

By Aaron Petersen, Information Technology

What used to be 26 telephone lines has now been reduced to two. That’s just one significant advantage of our new telephone system. That reduction in lines has also cut our phone bill by $1,000 a month, improving local earnings for your cooperative.

While saving money is nice, even better is the fact that dialing one of two numbers can connect you with anyone at any location in the company—and that includes cell phones. When you call either our 223-7241 or toll-free numbers, you’ll hear a very short list of menu options. The first three choices cover the areas that receive the most calls—agronomy, fuel orders and Minneota. The next choice takes you to the operator, who can connect you with everyone else.

The new system has also significantly increased our data transfer capacity now and in the future. This is important for precision ag and programs like the R7 tool, which require the rapid movement of large data files. Finally, we’ve moved our email service to the cloud, which means our employees can access work files from any location—such as a patron’s kitchen table.

At a time when ag is more data driven than ever, our new system provides the speed, flexibility and capacity we need to work more efficiently—all while saving money.

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