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Planting for Peak Performance

By Cody Husby, Sales Agronomist

To plant or not to plant corn—that can be a very difficult decision to make, especially when you’re anxious to get into the field. Here are some factors to keep in mind when making that decision.

Soil conditions—Optimal soil conditions increase the opportunity for good soil-to-seed contact and optimal germination. Tillage in wet soil can create a compacted layer below the tillage area, which can restrict root growth. Planting in wet soil increases the likelihood of sidewall compaction, a compacted area around the seed, which can be difficult for nodal roots to penetrate.

Soil temperature—Ideal soil temperature is 50 degrees and warming. Planting into colder soil can reduce your stand and increase stress on corn plants. If you are planting into colder soils, selecting hybrids with good emergence and vigor can increase your chances for success.

Planting date—Maximum corn yields in our area are generally achieved when planting occurs in late April or early May.

Planting depth—A planting depth of 2 inches is best for corn in most situations.

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