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Navigating the Tankmix Playground

By Josh Peterson, Agronomy Manager

For several years now, weed scientists have stressed the importance of utilizing different modes of action when choosing our crop protection products. This is good advice, given for a good reason—to stop or slow the rise of herbicide resistance.

However, moving from the single-product glyphosate system back into the world of tankmixes has not come without some issues. The truth is, not all products play well together when combined in the tank.

For example, glyphosate and dicamba make a very nice tank mix. But when we add another product to control volunteer corn, our efficacy on that volunteer corn drops by 30%. There are two reasons for the drop. The first is the droplet size created by the nozzles we have to run for the dicamba; and, second is the products interact in the tank in a way that reduces the product’s effectiveness on volunteer corn.

What is the solution? That will vary by situation. In the scenario described above, it might be worth a second pass with the volunteer corn product alone to achieve the needed control.

In other cases, a different product mix might be the answer. In almost every case, product selection and mixing order will be important.

If you have any questions, give us a call or stop in. We’ll be happy to sort it out with you.

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