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Give Your Beans a Helping Hand



By Randy Lopau, Certified Crop Advisor

When every bushel counts, as it does this year, you want to give your crop every opportunity to express its full genetic potential. Soybean seed treatment will give your soybeans the edge they need to perform their best in the cool, saturated soils we’re dealing with this spring.

We have a variety of seed treatment options that can address a combination of early season threats to soybean emergence and vitality. Warden® CX protects against disease and insect pressure for the best possible germination rate and emergence.

For those of you considering following soybeans with soybeans this year, or if you have fields where soybean cysts nematode (SCN) has been a problem in the past, I’d recommend adding Clariva® to your treatment package. It helps reduce the impact of SCN on soybean seedlings.

Saturated soils are tough on the nitrogen-fixing bacteria soybeans rely on. That’s why we are recommending the addition of Vault® inoculant to most treatment packages this spring. It’s also a good idea where beans are going in following a corn-on-corn rotation.

Finally, a wetter spring introduces one of the factors that favor white mold development. If you’ve had fields with white mold problems the past couple of years, I’d recommend planting in 30-inch rows or going with corn this year.

We’re here to help you raise all the bushels you can. If you have questions about any aspect of your program this spring, please give us a call or stop in.

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