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Depend on Diesel? Choose the Best

By Adam Steffes, Energy Manager

It’s our priority to understand your challenges as an agricultural producer or commercial fleet operator. We take pride in anticipating and addressing your changing needs. That’s why we’re so pleased to carry enhanced Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels. They’re specially formulated to help your vehicles run more efficiently with less downtime.

Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel contains a special additive to help prevent fouling issues—a problem experienced in modernized diesel engines (2007 models and newer) built to meet EPA emission standards. Newer engines operate under higher temperatures and pressures that can literally “cook” typical #2 diesel. This results in fouled fuel that recirculates in the fuel system, leading to injector/filter problems, reduced efficiency, power loss, poor starting, costly repairs and even engine failures.

There are real bottom-line benefits when you use fuels that have been enhanced to meet the needs of both existing and new engine technologies. Compared to typical #2 diesel fuel, Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels:

  • Improve fuel economy by as much as 5 percent
  • Increase power by up to 4.5 percent
  • Boost fuel lubricity by 10-15 percent
  • Extend life of injectors/injector pumps
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Have a higher cetane level (typically 48)

All Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels, including Roadmaster XL® and Ruby Fieldmaster®, are formulated with this special additive. We’re confident that no other diesel fuel on the market contains a more complete, balanced and quality additive package.

Call us today at 507-223-7241 to learn more. We have both a spring and fall diesel contract available. Our agricultural customers should also be sure to ask us about the Cenex Total Protection Plan® Warranty.

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