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Are You Choosing Seed for the Right Reasons?

By Brian Rangaard, Agronomy Sales

Every year, I hear some of the same comments when producers talk about their seed choices. “My neighbor planted it, and he had really good luck with it.” “It’s cheap. I got a deal.” “My buddy sells seed, and I always like to buy a little from him.” My question is, with seed likely the most important input you’ll buy and margins as tight as they are, is this the best way to select even a portion of what you’ll plant?

I think we have a better way to go. Let the R7 tool by WinField and Answer Plots work together to help you select the seed that will fit your field. All this is backed by data from 7,280 replicated trials covering 4,000 acres in 200 Answer Plots across 32 states. That mountain of data allows you to find the seed that matches your growing conditions, field by field.

We can take into account soil type, tissue samples, adjuvants, crop protection, first-year corn, corn on corn, high-, low- and medium-yield environments, and the response of the hybrid to fungicide, population and nitrogen.

We can help you select the right seed from the brands we carry, but we can also properly place partner seed brands we don’t handle. Those brands include NK®, Pioneer®, Mycogen®, Dekalb® Asgrow® and Croplan®. We also have information on soybeans—LibertyLink® and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®—silage corn and spring wheat in our Answer Plots and R7 tool.

Make every seed dollar count. Let us help you place the right hybrid on the right acre to give you the best chance for higher yields.

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