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Be Sure About Your Beans

By Alex Schubert, Agronomist

Liberty®, Roundup®, dicamba or conventional beans—which one is in which field?

When you and your FCA agronomist are out scouting for those tough-to-control weeds this year, you’ll need to know the answer to this question. With the new dicamba herbicide systems coming online this spring, it’s extremely important to know your fields and to relay that information to us. To make it a little easier to identify what’s growing where, we will have Liberty and Xtend marker flags available for you when you pick up your seed. Using these to mark your fields will help eliminate confusion.

It would also be a great help to know which beans are growing in your neighbor’s field as well—even if you must ask them. We’re going to do everything we can to minimize drift every time we apply, but knowing what’s growing in adjacent fields is always helpful.

One final note—the bags of beans from FCA all look alike, so check the tags on the bags carefully to make sure you know what you’re planting.

Start early

As I mentioned above, scouting early and often is the best way to stay ahead of tough-to-control weeds. That’s especially true for waterhemp, which can grow 1 to 1 ¼ inches per day. This threat germinates all season long, making it particularly hard to manage. If you need help staying on top of waterhemp and other tough weeds, give us a call and we’ll scout your fields.



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