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AgPlus News

Planting the Potholes

    By Randy Lopau, Certified Crop Advisor Depending on your location and terrain, you may have some fields where our excessive

AgPlus News

Give Your Beans a Helping Hand

    By Randy Lopau, Certified Crop Advisor When every bushel counts, as it does this year, you want to give your crop every

AgPlus News

Gathering Data on New Soybeans

By Randy Lopau, Certified Crop Advisor Now that the Enlist E3™ soybean has been cleared for export, we will have a very limited amount of seed for sale this year.


Battling White Mold

By Brian Rangaard, Sales Agronomist As we’re heading into spring with high expectations for a successful crop season, one factor favoring white


Blessing in Disguise?

By Josh Peterson, Agronomy Manager Ever had a situation that you thought was unfortunate, only to find out later it may have been a blessing? If one of your


Time to Think About 2019

By Randy Lopau, Certified Crop Advisor As you’re harvesting your crops, we’re taking out our test plots and analyzing the data. We’ll have a hard copy of the results in


What Comes Out Must Go In

By Josh Peterson, Agronomy Manager Once again, I’ve been surprised—for the most part—by the yields we’re seeing this year. It seems this year will continue the above-normal yield trends we’ve


Rain Makes Corn…and Grass

By Mark Thorston, Canby Shop Manager With all the rain, the grass has been growing like, well, grass. As a result, we’re selling a lot of new mowers and we’re


Making Soybeans Slicker

By Alex Schubert, Agronomy Sales Attendance was good at our March grower meeting, and I want to thank everyone who turned out. The topics covered were relevant to what we’re


New Tank Program at FCA

By Brad Stoddard, Agronomy Operations Manager FCA is implementing a tank deposit program this year on all outgoing chemical tanks and pumps. Our


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