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Serving the needs of folks on the farm and in town in Minnesota and South Dakota while adding value to the communities we call home is the mission of Farmers Cooperative Association of Canby, Minneota and Ghent. We offer a full range of energy products – Premium Diesel Fuels, Top Tier Gasoline, E-85 and Clean-Burning Propane – at all three locations.


RoadMaster with CFI

WinterMaster and Number 1 Fuels are no longer available. Minneota and Canby now have RoadMaster XL with a Cold Flow Improver (CFI). The fuel is operable down to 3ºF. Ghent has Number 2 Diesel Fuel with a Cold Flow Improver. This fuel is operable down to 8ºF. We will continue to keep the additive in the fuel until it warms up more. If you have any questions feel free to contact Adam at 507-223-7241.

Please help our drivers make your delivery

Pulling a large hose 50 feet or more through deep snow, is not an easy task. PLEASE …

have a path shoveled out, scooped out, or blown out for the drivers.

It would be greatly appreciated!



Cold but manageable:    

By Peter Schmitz, Farmers Coop Assn.

Severe cold finds all the weak and ready to fail equipment that we take for granted in normal weather conditions. A good example of this could be diesel fuel. In most cold snaps our diesel fuel temperature seldom gets down to -20 degrees below zero. With the common rail recirculating systems, the fuel in trucks is warmed and pumped back into the fuel tank of the truck.

The weather we had this past week is the exception. With air temperatures at -30 and wind chills consistently at -45 for a couple of days, the fuel in trucks that were parked outside for these last several days reached that -30 degrees, which effected the operability of the fuel.

Cenex Wintermaster has an operability of -30 degrees and is not designed to blend with number 2 diesel fuel. Depending how old your fuel filter is and the specific application of the truck, determines when the fuel system may start to fail. When the fuel temperature starts dropping below -30 degrees problems will start to pop up. Wintermaster is 70% number 1 diesel fuel and other additives to improve operability, lubricity and power.

I’ve had several comments suggesting blend with number 1 fuel. Yes that can work, however the number 1 fuel today is different than that of fuel of 20 years ago. Number 1 fuel is regionally refined and can have an operability from -30 to -60 depending on the refinery it came from and the region it serves. A 50/50 blend will provide protection down to -10 degrees fuel temperature. Adding Howes fuel additive does help, but only works down to -20 degrees fuel temperature. Lastly number 1 fuel is very dry and does not provide as much lubricity to help protect injector pumps, and injectors.

It was a weather anomaly to have -35 degrees air temp and -50 degrees wind chill for many hours preceded by just normal subzero weather. Our Cenex Wintermaster performed admirably, and the reality is most fuel systems will be fine the rest of the winter, unless we get a 5 day cold stretch followed by severe cold and -50 degree wind chills again.

Stay warm,  Pete

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