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May 30 2017

I got my garden all planted on Sunday. I set out my plant and planted squash & cucumbers. The garden was a little wet. To offset that I put the dirt in my wheel barrel and mix it with peat moss. Then I us that to put around my plants. This help so the soil does not compact.

I harvested my first spinagh. Plus I got 2 radishes. I will be getting some green onion soon.

Thing a growing slow in the garden so I checked the soil temp it’s only 51 degrees.

See the sheet of plywood on the side. This is how I plant my small seed. I broadcast them work them in the soil. I water them real good. hen I cover them with my sheet of plywood for 3 or 4 day. When I remove the Plywood the are up. Under this one I have carrots, beets and kohlrabi. Maybe not the best combination but it will work. When the get up better I will add a photo of them. I could use help thinning them.

Have a nice day!


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