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Is it Time to Overhaul Your Oil?

By Adam Steffes, Energy Manager We’re with you when it comes to reducing maintenance costs. That’s why we carry Cenex® premium lubricants, uniquely formulated to withstand the intense challenges of


Planting for Peak Performance

By Cody Husby, Sales Agronomist To plant or not to plant corn—that can be a very difficult decision to make, especially when you’re anxious to get into the field. Here


Be Sure About Your Beans

By Alex Schubert, Agronomist Liberty®, Roundup®, dicamba or conventional beans—which one is in which field? When you and your FCA agronomist are out scouting for those tough-to-control weeds this year, you’ll


We’re In!

By Pete Schmitz, General Manager We are now occupying our new crop protection and liquid fertilizer warehouse. The addition of this facility will increase our operational


Ready for Spring

By Samantha Pauley, Minneota C-Store The garden center is up and the plants have arrived! Now, all we need is spring. Many of you were asking if we would have vegetables,


Yes, We Still Carry Mowers

By Mark Thorston, Canby Shop Manager The typically variable spring weather has kept fieldwork spotty, but everyone will soon hit high gear. Our tire truck is ready to come to you


Cooperatives Were Built for Tough Times

By Pete Schmitz, General Manager History is a great teacher. Cooperatives were formed in the face of persistently low commodity prices to give farmers more power in negotiating a fair


Boost Your Boron

By Alex Schubert, Agronomy Sales Boron may be one of the more underpublicized nutrients you’ll see on your soil test, but it is critically important to plant performance. It plays


Continued Enhancements Improve R7® Tool

By Brian Rangaard, Sales Agronomist We believe the future of farming lies in the solutions provided by agricultural technology. One of those evolving technologies is the R7 platform from WinField.


NDSU Scientists Study Distillers Grains as Fertilizer

Distillers grains could be a source of fertilizer for some crops, according to research at North Dakota State University’s Carrington Research Extension Center. Wet distillers grains and condensed distillers solubles


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