Frost to Creep Into Corn Belt As Early As Sept. 6

The growing season has been anything but normal for farmers in the Corn Belt. They have been plagued with flooding, replanting, drought, not enough heat and other issues. Following


Cover Those Bare Spots

By Randy Lopau, Certified Crop Advisor The weather has been its usual, variable self this spring and early summer. If you’re one of the folks who have spots in your


Putting R7® to Work

By Brian Rangaard, Agronomy Sales We’ve talked about the powerful and versatile R7 Tool in previous newsletters. WinField keeps adding power and functionality to the R7 program, and we’ve been


Think Next Year Now

By Josh Peterson, Agronomy Manager No one can see the future, but the present is pretty clear. While we don’t know what fertilizer prices will do down the road, we


Planting for Peak Performance

By Cody Husby, Sales Agronomist To plant or not to plant corn—that can be a very difficult decision to make, especially when you’re anxious to get into the field. Here


Be Sure About Your Beans

By Alex Schubert, Agronomist Liberty®, Roundup®, dicamba or conventional beans—which one is in which field? When you and your FCA agronomist are out scouting for those tough-to-control weeds this year, you’ll


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