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FCA Precision Acre

Combining data & insights to optimize your fields yield.

FCA Precision Acre combines the top agricultural technology into one platform to help you make the best management decisions on your farm.

The FCA Precision Acre platform consists of:


    • View historical and in-season satellite imagery, soil, and yield potential maps
    • Create accurate variable rate application maps
    • Consult Answer Plot hybrid data to make the most informed genetic decision for your acre

Grower Access to R7: For customers with a genuine interest in having a hands on experience, please ask about getting set up with Grower Access to R7


  • Use plant vigor indexes to track where fields are performing compared to one another
  • Compare historical field data and in-season plant health imagery
  • Monitor overall field health to better allocate time & resources to maximize efficiency & profit


  • Smart, field-level weather information that includes customizable weather alerts
  • Nitrogen Advisor that allows you to create sidedress recommendations per field, quantify weather impact on available N, and prevent crop stress instead of reacting to it

At FCA we have combined these three insight tools, and have created one field management tool. When combined with timely scouting, soil sampling, Nutrisolutions tissue sampling, and local Answer Plot research, the FCA Precision Acre will provide a full circle farm management tool that can unlock your field’s greatest potential.

Using these three tools, we can carefully plan, track, and manage the controllable aspects of crop production. The FCA Precision Acre can provide a complete look at technology to help you make the best input decisions, and learn the best way to provide you value.

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